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$1.50/lb for Organic laundry, $1.25/lb for Regular Laundry with free delivery service on orders $25+.
No hidden fees. No confusing tiered pricing.

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Easy as 1-2-3

Step 1

Schedule a pickup for now, later, or simply leave your clothes with your doorman. We’re easy, so do whatever works for you.

Step 2

Our staff will swing by with custom laundry and garment bags to collect your items—so your clothes are protected in style.

Step 3

Your clothes are returned fresh and folded. Meanwhile, you can relax with a cup of joe (or herbal tea, if that’s your thing).

Organic Laundry · See the Pricing

Organic detergent is plant-based ingredients works hard on the stains and gentle on skins and fabrics. Free of chlorine, benzene, phosphate and other chemicals. No chemical residues & hypoallergenic. Baby & infant safe.

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Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning · See the Pricing

We provide superb cleaning and care for your garments. All garments are carefully. All garments are carefully dry cleaned using an environmentally safe solvent that leaves no residual odor or discoloration and a luxurious feel.

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Alterations & Tailoring · See the Pricing

With expert tailors and seamstresses, Plaza Cleaners offers complete tailoring and alterations services.

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